Welcome to Wonder Talent Agency

WTA was born to blend the relationships between cast, agents, producers, and crew into a seamless, efficient, and friendly conversation.

Founded by Donia Youssef and Jordan Reeve to combine decades of media and entertainment experience from almost every angle, WTA embraces a family approach to the agency and looking after its talent.

Donia is an award-winning agent, best-selling author, and producer. She has previously founded 'Tiny Angels’ the children's acting and modelling agency. TA rose rapidly to become one of the UK's most renowned child acting agencies until an untimely cancer diagnosis forced Donia to confront her mortality. Rather than step back from life, she decided to step up to cancer challenge and play to her strengths. She sold ‘Tiny Angels’ to focus on her health and transformed herself into a fortress of bravery and resilience.

After a two year fight, she was given the all clear, and now she’s back. Creating and moulding WTA with the same DNA that made ‘Tiny Angels’ so great, so unique and so compassionate. Also extending that ethos to adults both in front and behind the camera, Wonder Talent Agency will truly be an agency for all.